Why You Need To Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Oral hygiene is one among the commonly overlooked health practices in the world, without realizing what and how much that can cost to our overall wellness.Your wellbeing is as much, or even more, determined by the organ that enables you to consume your food, as to how your food intake determines. Yet, people neither care about their dental hygienenor about their dentist visit and even badly,few of themwouldn’t have really thought about meeting such a person in their life, unless and until the grave situation demands.

Visiting your dentist regularly is one of the significant healthy practices, which every one of us should adhere to follow at least twice in a year that is, once in every 6 months, recommended prevalently as part of preventive dental care practices. This twice the year checkup is for those who have been ruled out of having any underlying dental issues and other health issues that might affect their dental health and hygiene. But, if you are already a victim of dental issues or, any other issues that could affect your teeth, then probably you should have been visiting your dentist as much as you would be visiting your hairstylist or, as suggested by your dental practitioner.

But, how could you rule out at all any dental problems, if you have not even stepped your foot at the dentist’s, at least for those recommended visits of two times in a year? Well, certainly most of the people have got to tell lots of interesting ‘so called’ important reasons for not having to have made that ‘unneeded’ dental visit like, lack of insurance coverage, I brush twice a day, I even floss regularly, I don’t have any problem at all in my teeth, I even qualified for Miss/Mr. Beautiful smile at my office/school/college and so, the reasons gather on and on, where some being tolerable and others simply puerile!

While the lack of insurance coverage is acceptable, but come on, are we that frugal where our health matters when we don’t bother to spend on other trivial flashy stuff? At least you can certainly pay a visit to rule out any possible issues, and for that, it is OK to spend from our pocket, as our overall wellness matters the most. Other things like brushing, flossing, flattering titles can never certify your dental hygiene as much as your dentist could prove.

If you are still not convinced about visiting your dentist, or first of all, finding a suitable dentist to make that prudent visit, the following 4 reasons would certainly make you jump to your feet and go grab the phone to find one and make an appointment.

The 4fundamental reasons for visiting your dentist

1.Early detection of Oral Cancer

Cancer, in itself, is a scary life-threatening disease and we would have heard from the cases of many patients, how they were not aware of this life-sucking disease until it had reached the end stage. Oral cancer is not any different, and you would not be able to detect it with common symptoms and require the advanced detection techniques, which could only be done by your dental practitioner.

According to the World Health Organization, worldwide, nearly 450000 new cases of oral cancer are being detected each year and this deadly disease is more prevalent in men than in women, which have been supported with the reasons of increased consumption of tobacco, alcohol and smoking cigarettes in men than in women.

According to Oral Cancer Foundation, the death rate due to oral cancer is more than that of other commonly occurring cancers like, cervical cancer, thyroid cancer, laryngeal cancer etc., and the reason for this higher death rate is mostly confined to the fact that it had been diagnosed late, almost at the final stage of the cancer.

All this can be prevented, if you visit your dentist regularly to rule out any possible symptoms, which could be done by a pain-free VELscope Cancer examination, only by your dentist.

2.To avoid tooth loss or tooth decay

It’s certainly appreciable that you brush twice a day, floss thoroughly, and even avoid sugary foods but, despite all these, there are possibilities that your food particles get accumulated in that unvisited area of your mouth, where your brush or floss couldn’t penetrate much. These food particles lead to thebuilding up of plaque, which further solidifies and strengthens to become tartar, creating tooth cavities that ultimately decay your tooth leading to tooth loss.

All this could have been saved if you would have cared to make that mandated dental visit, as only a dentist can remove the tartar and prevent any further tooth decay or tooth loss. Thus regular cleaning of teeth by your dentist could save you from having those dentures, that too at a young age!

3.Say bye-bye to gingivitis

Gingivitis is that annoying gum disease that could occur when the building up of tartar causes an infection at the gum area connected to the tooth, leading to severe swelling of gums, bleeding of gums, toothache, breaking of the tooth and what not.

Gingivitis is a serious issue, which could be handled only by a dental specialist who would employ severe treatment methods to prevent further spreading of this disease to the whole of your mouth. Since you had to seek the aiding of a specialist, it could cost you your entire savings as the number of visits and treatment costs and of course, the specialist’s fees are highly expensive.

Do I need to say explicitly, how you could have saved your fortune by meeting your dentist regularly?

4.To avoid your knee-joint problems

Yes, you read it correct! Your oral hygiene and healthy knees are interconnected, which have been substantiated by the scientific research carried out by the researchers at Case Western Reserve University in England, in which they were able to detect the presence of gum bacteria in the synovial liquid, an essential fluid that surrounds the kneecap. According to them, the presence of this bacteria worsened the synovial liquid which in turn aggravated the already present knee-joint problems like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis etc.

In another of the studies presented at the European Congress of Rheumatology in 2012, it was shown that the more is the tooth loss or tooth decay, the more isthe joint inflammation. Even few of these studies suggested that treating the severe dental issues could improve the rheumatoid arthritis problems, which only stresses more on the fact to improve your dental hygiene by visiting your dentist to get those regular dental check-ups done promptly, once in every 6 months!